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Application Tips


Generally, ProEdge® Heat Transfer foils will perform best when applied with head temperatures in the range of 350 - 400.


Sufficient pressure is required to promote adhesion to all areas of the edge. Adhesion should be checked using 3M # 232 masking tape. If adhesion is not adequate, increase pressure of foiling head, use slower foil speed, or increase temperature of foiling head. Try these one at a time, checking adhesion after each step.


Foiling speed is dependent on many factors. Profile shape, board condition, and the equipment used will determine the speed at which you can process ProEdge® foils. A proper balance between speed and temperature (a range of 18 - 60 feet per minute) is essential. Higher speeds will require higher temperatures.


ProEdge® foils are engineered for direct application to MDF edges. Application directly to the edges of particleboard may result in a textured surface appearance and questionable adhesion. For particleboard applications ask us about our "Filler Foil" product.

Performance Properties

When properly applied, ProEdge® foils will offer :
200 cycles taber abrasion TM #016
40 liters falling sand abrasion ASTM D968
30 MEK rubs solvent resistance
1000 hr. QUV exposure ASTM G53
Pass NKCA stain tests
Pass NKCA water soak test

Storage/Shelf Life

Should not be stored above 100F. Storage above 100F may activate the adhesive and cause "blocking". Material should be processed within six months.

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