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ProEdge PVC Edge  Banding

Cost effective method of finishing MDF and particle board flat edges in a variety of applications ranging    from case goods to desk tops.  ProEdge Banding is stocked and available in 600 or 1200 foot rolls in a wide range of colors and widths.


ProEdge PVC Edge Banding is easy to use on standard hot melt edgebanders. 


Matte Finish, Gloss Finish


Thickness                       0.018" +/-0.001"
Wear Resistance            350 cycles (Tabor CS10)
Scratch Resistance         250 gms (Hoffman)
Chemical Resistance      Passes KCMA requirements^
Lightfastness                 9 (200 hr QUV)

^slight yellowing observed on mustard test with white banding

*6Y observed on white banding

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